Saturday, May 28, 2011

Club Elections 2011 - 2012

President - Ken B.
Vice President Education - Martha B.
Vice President Public Relations - Ollie W.
Secretary - Bill P.
Treasurer - Martha B.
Sergeant at Arms - Bill P.

Congratulations everyone!

May Meeting Review

May 14

Speaker - Martha B.
Title - How Long Does it Take?
Project - #3 Get to the Point

May 28th

Speaker - Ken B.
Title - Unentitlement
Project - #2 - Organize Your Speech

Contest Winner for April and May


Martha B. both months!

To make it interesting, we're offering triple points for the entire month for member(s) that sign up a new member. So, you sign up a new member, and whatever points you would get for June are multiplied by three! Yes, anyone can win the mug!